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Plumbers and Gasfitters | Local Union 34 | St. Paul, MN


Plumbers and Gasfitters | Local Union 34 | St. Paul, MN

The Destiny Of Our Union

For our union to succeed we need a working partnership with our contractors. If there is a constant battle with our contractors the partnership breaks down.

The J.A.C.

That partnership begins with the selection of apprentice candidates by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee. The J.A.C. is a board equally comprised of Union and Contractor representatives. These representatives select apprentice candidates and set up the training program which is then implemented by the Training Director.

Local 34 offers state of the art training through our registered apprenticeship training program. The United Association has worked to develop one of the finest instructor training programs in the world and most of our instructors are enrolled in, or graduates of, the five year instructor training program.

These instructors, trained through the UA Instructor Training Program, are directed by the Training Director, who is in turn working at the direction of the J.A.C.

That partnership is the key to our success in training up the finest apprentices in the industry.

The Hiring Hall

Once an apprentice has completed the five year program, they join a skilled labor force that is ready to take on any and all projects that may come.

Local 34 is a hiring hall, which means that our contractors can simply call in and request any number of skilled plumbers for the jobs they have. This gives the Contractor confidence that he can meet his manpower requirements and gives our Journeymen and Apprentices a steady and hassle free way to secure good employment.

Because they have a contract, the workers know what is expected of them by their employer. Workers feel secure knowing what their wages and benefits are, and that they are protected by a contract.

Employers also feel secure, knowing the union will provide them with experienced and well trained employees. Because we have a contract, they know what their employees expect of them.

It’s a win-win situation that has been successful in maintaining Twin Cities employment levels for many years.

The Future

For over 126 years Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 34 has been working hard to ensure a high quality of life for it’s members and their families. Throughout that history, Local 34 has been known for the highest attention to quality and detail.

We look forward to continuing that heritage into the future.

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